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Of course, you’ll need to own microwave for it to work, but that shouldn’t be an issue for the average household. Fits a lot of bottles at once, compatible with a wide range of brands, requires minimal upkeep, easy best coconut smelling perfume to use, quick sterilization, lightweight, one-touch operation, durable, and reliable. Some are designed for certain brand bottles, and others will fit any bottles and adjust to fit bottles of different widths and sizes. Steam sterilisers utilise high temperature steam which can potentially scald you if you are not careful. UV sterilisation uses intense pulses of UV-C light that are powerful enough to inactivate microorganisms (germs, bacteria & viruses). This technology is commonly used for healthcare disinfection purposes & water purification.

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  • Furthermore, the appliance works well for sterilizing soft-toys, kitchenware, spoons, and even toothbrushes or beauty instruments.
  • Wiping down the inside or outside with a damp cloth should be all the cleaning it ever needs.
  • Bottle dryers use hot air to effectively get rid of residual steam droplets.
  • If you have a little one that uses bottles, sippy cups, or even binkies.
  • It’s definitely a super easy product to use and works really well.
  • It removes all common household bacteria and protects your child from potential infections.

Several make loud beeps at the beginning and end of their cycle and some even during, making a dishwasher-like hum. If you’re bottle-feeding or expressing full-time, you’re likely to get through a large pile of equipment in a 24-hour period and you don’t want to spend all of it refilling the steriliser. Electric sterilisers sold in the EU should have the CE marking somewhere on the box or instructions.

Nuby Baby Bottle Steriliser And Dryer, Electric Steam Steriliser, White, Kills 99 9% Of Germs

The product is widely used in households and commercial centers to kill pathogenic organisms as newborns and infants have under-developed immune systems. Baby bottle warmers and sterilizers are gaining popularity among consumers due to their portability and versatility. Moreover, it offers a safe process to heat milk with cost-effectiveness and reliability, thus boosting the demand for the product.

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Overall it is small enough that it can be placed for easy access and gets the job done. A bottle sterilizer is not meant to wash milk out of the bottles. Wash the bottles and accessories with hot, soapy water before sterilization to remove the milk residue. Use a cold water sterilizing solution designed for use with baby bottles and nipples, such as Milton Sterilising Tablets or Dr. Johnson’s Sterilising Fluid.

Best Baby Bottle Sterilisers That Will Make Life Easier

This versatile sterilizer not only handles bottles, but also breast pump parts, sippy cups, teething toys, nebulizers, and pacifiers. All of this plus the sheer convenience of this state of the art sterilizer, make it one of the best bottle sterilizers on the market today. The Kiddiluv Hygeni Pro baby bottle sterilizer is an absolute must for moms on a budget, who need things done efficiently and effortlessly.

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But this useful little unit does a decent job and, with the inclusion of a Closer to Nature bottle in the box, it’s great value for the price. Because travel sterilisers need to be compact enough to carry around, they’re usually short on bells and whistles. What we loved about the Milton Solo was that, travel steriliser or not, it’s more adaptable and comes with more useful design features than any other travel model we tested. For microwave or travel models, she washed them in the dishwasher with items covered in pasta sauce to see how they coped and knocked them over to see if they leaked in transit. Whether electric, microwave, cold water or travel sterilisers suit you best, you’ll find tips and top scorers aplenty on this page.

If traveling, you might need to sterilize your bottles using a different method. In addition, depending on where you travel, microwave times and temperatures may vary. They should have the words “microwave safe” printed somewhere on them. Listen for wheezing, hacking, or barking first, then read on to find out what’s normal and when it’s time to worry.

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